3D Printing Enables You To Produce High-Quality And Affordable Patterns Quickly

Normally it would take weeks to get traditional grippers made. With the 3d printing, you can have full finished casting pattern within day or so

Sand casting is the process of creating an object from molten material using sand as mold. The mold cavities are created by compacting sand around a design pattern. The utilization of a 3D printer to produce those patterns enables today’s foundry industry to produce cost effective and time-saving solutions with a competitive advantage over traditional production methods. With excellent pattern accuracy and repeatability at less expense than conventional methods, 3D printed patterns translate to higher yields during casting. Additionally, design changes can be easily incorporated into production, and gating systems can be proven prior to production tooling being built.

Why To Choose 3D Printing For Sand Casting Pattern?

  • Save money

    Cost of Pattern will varies with quantity of casted parts.

  • Reduce lead time

    Manufacturing lead time to make pattern will reduced

  • Complexity

    Reach a level of product complexity not attainable with traditional methods