Benefits Of 3D Printing For Architects

Clients enjoy receiving 3D printed scale models
During presentations which increases the value of each pitch

Architecture is about realising a beautiful design, vision or combining form and function to create something new. A creative idea starts in the mind and translating this to your peers and can be challenging. Using 3D printing in your process allows you to quickly create a tangible model. The impact of a physical object is stronger than a visualization on a computer screen. A 3D printer can create any object for you to convince your client with one, or several high quality models during your pitch.

Why Choose 3D Printing For Architecture

  • It eliminates ambiguity when holding a real-life model of the concep
  • Easily recreate textures, finishes and colours to create a new dimensions
  • You can print complex shapes and geometries
  • Reduce waste by using up to 90% of the raw material

Early Stage Concept Model

Why wait until the end to get feedback from the client? With 3D printing you can start discussions using concept models from day one.

Urban Planning

Within hours you can 3D print an entire city, incorporating all your visionary thoughts and concepts for every inch of it.

Wall Murals For Home Déco

Make master pattern of wall murals with few hours and get any complex mural shapes.

Creative Interior Crafts

Create complex and innovative shape for living home.