From the very beginning, our mission has been to accelerate the world’s transition to local digital manufacturing.

Making it easier, faster, better, cheaper than ever before to do the things you always wanted to, but never thought you could.

We provide the best products, services and support great thinking deserves. Giving your ideas the best possible chance of making it.

We have been driven by the needs of our customers and their business challenges within their industries, provide them more competitive and more efficient solutions while accelerating their time to market. Our customers rely upon our capabilities in 3D printing to serve as a catalyst for taking full advantage of additive manufacturing solutions.

CubeIn E-Manufacturing Solutions (CEMS) is an emerging service center for additive manufacturing (AM) technologies. Since our inception, we have aimed to be leading additive manufacturing solutions provider in India and currently, on the verge of achieving that aim. We offer online rapid prototyping services as well as unique AM solutions for industries such like mechanical, medical, architecture etc. Our team of dedicated engineers continuously emphasize on optimize solution for customer’s challenges.

The Founding Values CEMS Is Built On


Increase manufacturing feasibility by involving 3D printing technology parallel to traditional manufacturing and that can turn innovative concepts into reality


Our continued success will be based on providing the most advanced 3D printing technology services while consistently maintaining supreme quality in all we do. Our commitment to serve our clients and investors will always be based on the highest level of respect and trust.


We’re always looking ahead of the curve. We do this by seeing the bigger picture and making the tools we need right now. We’re the type who’d like to experiment with a self-driving car and explain how it works